About Us

Our Strengths

With years of industry experience behind us, we feel that we 'know' how to create great solutions for our customers. We offer a 360-degree personal relationship, which means we'll be there for you when you need us from your initial pre-purchase inquiry through ownership. We've done this from the beginning for all our customers, and many would say it's this 'personal touch" that is our strong point. Our main strengths as a company are:


We provide the flexibility and assistance program managers require to purchase the right solution in the first place. We follow that up with regional support and training.


We believe in providing our clients with a local point of contact; someone who can respond to the rapidly changing nature of our clients’ needs. This local contact, together with a direct line of communication to our Directors, means you always have a direct line to someone with the authority to implement decisions on the spot.


We have accreditation to global standards for many years and endeavor to use only accredited suppliers for our products. We also have experience complying with specific customer-required quality and reporting requirements and consider this simply to be a part of our service-oriented approach.


We have offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Mexico, Australia, China, and the USA. These facilities each serve as the hub for their respective regions. We currently have partnerships offering a varying range of support services in USA, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and Korea.


We utilize in-house industrial designers and mechanical, electronic, and software engineers to simplify our product specification and to provide the most cost-effective solution as a fully integrated part of the overall on-site solution. These professional are available both in the preliminary concept development stage and during the detailing of your final specification.

Our History

In our early days, the late 1980’s, a well-known international company approached us requesting a better Price Change Unit for the monoliths outside their gas stations. We designed a system that not only met but surpassed, their requirements. Today, that same product is working in thousands of sites around the world. This success is the direct result of our dedication to research and development and our 360-degree, personal approach to customer relations.

In early 2000, we agreed to license our technology to Milwaukee Signs. Soon after, our technology became the standard for many of the best known retail oil brands in the US. Today we have become the most used PCU technology in the field.

In 2005 we returned to our roots and again became an independent company. Today, as Able, we work with key sign partners who have allowed us to grow and introduce more high-quality products to market.

Let’s Discuss Your Next Solution

We do more than provide off the shelf solutions to your challenges; we listen and develop a solution that will work best for your unique situation. From Gas price signs to changeable copy signs and Point of Sale integration, call us, we are Able.